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integrated healthcare

with a conscience.

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For whom do I speak.....

Let my voice be heard among the halls of the legislatures.  Let it be heard among the myriad of councils and committees. Let my quiet voice become a roar as I speak for those who cannot speak.

I speak for those who cannot organize or declare their words.  I speak for those who would not be heard in the halls of decision makers.  For those who have despaired of ever being heard, for those who have given up all hope of finding a listening ear or a compassionate voice.

I speak for those who have despaired of life, for those who have chosen death as the only escape from an existence too painful to bear.  Let my voice be heard among those who have placed the mentally ill in jails instead of getting them treatment, who find it easier to dismiss a voice that requires a little more effort to understand.

I also speak for those whose voices will never be heard, those who lie alone in a cold unforgiving grave with none to mourn their passing.

You say, "we have not heard such voices".  You are right.  You have not taken the time to hear, to listen, to understand.  Behold, all around you are those hearting hearts.  If only someone would listen.

But no!  You will go on doing the way you have always done things and changes to the system will be made with no real understanding of its impact upon those with mental illness.  A cut here and a deletion there, a re-statement of qualifications for services.  It makes no difference to you.

But, what of these voices?  Could you take a moment to think of them?  Will your carelessness or continuing business as usual, cause someone's, dejectedness total loss of hope  or  death?

I urge you to hear the voices...the silent voices....for they do speak loudly if only one listens.

Henry Willey

President of Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance-Arizona State Chapter




Recovery is hope...

Now there is a new hope for me!

Recovery is a choice...

A choice I can make to be free!

Recovery is Empowerment...

True power over my life!

Recovery is my Environment...

Who I choose to surround me!

Recovery is my spirit...

Is my love, my respect, my faith, my dreams!

My recovery depends on all these...

But most important, it is from and for me!

My recovery is a Reality.


Rynn Cluff  6/25/09

~ A recent graduate of the Recovery Innovations of

Arizona (RIAZ) Peer Support Training & Addiction Recovery

Working with "Older" Adults Program