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Provider News December 2014


December Adult and Children's Services Committee Meeting

NARBHA's 2015 System of Care plan includes a DBHS directive to include peers and family members in all NARBHA's and provider committees, advisory councils, boards, and workgroups.  It calls for maintaining a listing of core committees for peers, family member, and community participation and representation. NARBHA's Adult and Child Services committee is seeking peer and family member referrals. Please submit recommendations to Trever Davis, Director of Recovery and Adult Services.

Mandatory Reporting Reminder

PM 7.6.3-A. Duty to report abuse, neglect and exploitation of incapacitated or vulnerable adults 

Behavioral health providers responsible for the care of an incapacitated or vulnerable adult and who have a reasonable basis to believe that abuse or neglect of the adult has occurred or that exploitation of the adult's property has occurred shall report this information immediately either in person or by telephone. This report shall be made to a peace officer or to a protective services worker within APS.
APS Hotline: (877) SOS-Adult or (877) 767-2385

PM 7.6.3-B. Duty to report abuse, physical injury, neglect and denial or deprivation of medical or surgical care or nourishment of minors

Any behavioral health provider who reasonably believes that any of the following incidents has occurred shall immediately report this information to a peace officer or to a CPS worker by calling the Arizona Child Abuse Hotline.
DCS Hotline: (888) SOS-Child or (888)767-2445

Community Collaborative Care Team

NARBHA and the Department of Developmental Disabilities have formed a community collaborative care team to support eligible services for dually members enrolled with both organizations who have complex needs, including aggressive behaviors and chronic placement concerns. The team will facilitate communication, collaboration, coordination of services, and fiscal management to reach consensus and active decision makingfor the dually enrolled member. For more information, contact Ryan Kivela.

New! "Whole Health & Meaningful Activity" added t o Relias Learning

Providing peers, case managers, and rsidential and inpatient specialists with knowledge about whole health and wellness, the course introduces integrated care. It explains the value of meaningful activity for members.

Training Coordinator on Leave

Kelli Behrends, NARBHA's training coordinator, is on leave until January. Please contact the following individuals during her absense:

Upcoming Trainings

Go to NARBHA's Training and Events Calendar for More Information and Registration
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Training
  •       At NARBHA - December 17
  • CC101: Cultural Competency 101 Embracing Diversity
  •       At NARBHA - December 12
  • ASAM Training
  •       At NARBHA - December - Telemed and NARBHA (Live session)
  • Child & Adolescent Service Intensity Instrument (CASII)
  •       At NARBHA - December 1

Peer Support Specialists Work Emails Request

Recovery Programs has developed a newsletter for peer support specialists. Supervisors of peer support specialists, please gather work emails of peer staff and forward to Jesse Sharber. 

Teen Addictions Anonymous (Teen AA)

Teen AA is an evidence-based 12 step program developed in Phoenix "by, with, and for teens." Funding now is available to license five provider sites (a three-year license) and train three facilitators at each site. Contact Jesse Sharber. 

ADHS  releases resources to support concerns about Ebola

Behavioral Health Guidelines for Medical Isolation (Helping Staff/Patients/Families/Community)
Behavioral Health Guidelines for Medical Isolation (Public Policy Center, University of Nebraska)
Coping with Stress Related to Ebola (consumer handout)
Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress - Ebola: Facts for Maintaining Your Health (providers)
Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress - Ebola: Facts for Healthcare Providers