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72-Hour Response for Children Removed by Child Protective Services (CPS)


As part of the Governor's CPS Reform Process, DBHS requires CPS to refer children removed from their homes to behavioral health services within 72 hours after entering its care and custody. The purpose is to:

  • Identify immediate behavioral health needs and presenting problems of children removed from their homes, to stabilize crises, enroll the child in the behavioral health system and offer the immediate services and supports each given child may need
  • Provide direct (therapeutic) support to each child removed from their home as appropriate, intending to reduce stress or anxiety the child may be experiencing
  • Provide direct support to each child's new caregiver as appropriate, including guidance about how to respond to the child's immediate behavioral health needs
  • Identify a point of contact within the behavioral health system
  • Initiate the development of a Child and Family Team process
  • Provide the CPS Specialist with findings and recommendations, related to the behavioral health needs of each child prior to the Preliminary Protective Hearing, if possible, not to exceed five calendar days from the referral