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Child & Family Teams


The inception of Child and Family Team practice in northern Arizona since 2001 represents a major change in our state's philosophy for serving children with serious emotional disturbances.  Rather than children being funneled into standard treatment plans, individualized service plans are developed in partnership with the child and family to fit their unique cultures and circumstances. 

The Child and Family Team (CFT) is a group of people that includes, at a minimum, the child and family, any foster parents, a behavioral health representative, and any individuals important in the child's life and who are identified and invited to participate by the child and family. In the case of children who may be legally dependent or delinquent, the custodial agency shares selection of team membership with the child and family. This may include, for example, teachers, extended family members, friends, family advocates, healthcare providers, coaches, community resource providers, representatives from faith-based communities, agents from other state service systems, etc.

The size, scope, and intensity of involvement of the team members are determined by the objectives established for the child and the needs of the family in providing for the child and can therefore expand and contract as necessary to be successful on behalf of the child.


Family Support Services


Parents or caregivers of children who receive services often can use some help learning to identify the child's needs and to communicate those needs to the team so that the family's perspective is well represented in the child's treatment plan. A Family Support Partner (FSP) is available to provide parents/caregivers this help. The FSP exercises non-adversarial advocacy to assure that the family's needs are addressed in treatment planning. On behalf of the family, family support services may involve assisting the family in 

  • sharing their perspective to meet  their needs that are addressed in the plan
  • assuring that the plan is implemented and progress is made
  • achieving self-efficacy


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