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Children's System of Care (SOC)



The Children's System of Care Plan is developed annually between NARBHA and ADHS/Division of Behavioral Health Services. The plan outlines the focus of children's public behavioral health service initiatives for the plan year (November 1st through October 31st). A regional forum is hosted by NARBHA and ADHS each year to give an overview of goal areas and obtain initial feedback on planning.



NARBHA's plan focuses on the following areas

  • Transition to Adult Programming
  • Child and Family Team Practice Improvement
  • Partnerships with Youth and Families
  • Expansion of Support and Rehabilitation Services
  • Development of Dedicated Case Management Services for High-Need Children
  • Adolescent Substance Abuse Program Development
  • Reducing Use of Congregate (facility-based) Care
  • Home Care Training to the Home Care Client
  • Collaboration with community partners
  • Prevention on the topics of substance and alcohol misuse, bullying, and underage drinking, targeted to vulnerable populations such as LGBTQ, homeless, youth in recovery, victims of domestic violence.