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Home Care Training for the Home Care Client (HCTC)

For children in the care and custody of the state, Arizona has seen an increasing need in recent years for foster care programs that can serve children who require specialized clinical and supportive interventions. 

In 1989 the regional ADES/CPS District III first recognized this need in rural northern Arizona and initiated a Professional Family Foster Care program. NARBHA joined this innovative program to provide Medicaid funding and substantial clinical and other supports, thereby rapidly expanding capacity in this new partnership.

Now known as Home Care Training to the Home Care Client (HCTC), this evidence-based practice promises many children a chance to experience and practice the intimacy of family connections related to longer-term positive stability and permanency. These children might otherwise have been placed away from their communities, including in out-of-state and more restrictive institutional settings. Over the past few years, NARBHA has had very few children placed out-of-state and is committed to continuing to develop local treatment resources.

NARBHA continues to contract with foster care licensing agencies throughout the region to expand this program.


HCTC Resources: